FUS (Fast user switcher)
Log in as ANY user in the System, to investigate issues and make changes on behalf of some user
Use cases
  1. 1.
    You have special user to make review and changes in Confluence articles (Moderator) and you do not want to share password from this user. You can use Sudo to switch to this user and make changes on behalf of him
  2. 2.
    Your teammate cannot see some page but permissions looks like everything should works fine. You would like to log in with his credentials to investigate an issue
  1. 1.
    Just go to your App Manager and click on Sudo or just press "su" on your keyboard
2. Now enter any user name you wish to investigate and click on Sudo button.
3. Now you logged in as the user and see everything from his/hers perspective
To end your Sudo session click on "End Sudo Session"
Last modified 3yr ago
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