Access Statistics


    Track and store all "Page View" events for any user (including anonymous).
    Provide ability to filter access statistics by space or page in space (who have accessed the page and when).
    Provide ability to filter access statistics by user (which pages user have seen and when).
    Store statistics for some configurable period (by default 3 months); the time period is configurable.
    This feature can be activated and deactivated by the Confluence system administrators.

Select A Filter

You can select a filter for the results of the permission monitoring. You can choose from User, Space, Page, Date from/to and Sorting by.
Then click on the blue button "Filter" to see the results

Filter Results

The filter results are shown in a table format. The columns are date, space, page, user, IP address and access type (from browser or REST API).
The app differentiates between a browser call which was made by any browser and REST call which was made for example by a 3rd party application.