Permission Monitoring
We are highly focused on GDPR. One major requirement of GDPR is that you always know who is viewing and have access to personal data. In some project and use cases you will process personal data. You need to document it, who have access to this kind of data. With Permission Monitoring you have a tool which support you in this case.

1. Go to Permission Monitoring

2. Select A Filter

    You can choose a filter for the results of the permission monitoring.
    You can select from User, User in Groups, Project, Event type, Date from to and Sorting by.
    You need to click on the "Filter" button to see the filtered results.The filter results will be shown in a table format. The columns are date, author, user in group, event type, and details.
    You can alsow use the Sort by drop down menu and have the access to organize your results by
      Date ascending
      Date descending
      Event Type

3. Export your results

By clicking on the Export button, you export your filtered data in a csv format

4. Clear The Results

Clear your results by pushing the Clear button