Information Announcing
This feature is used to enable the user to show and accept your privacy policy or the term of use.

Example of a use case

Everyone who is using Jira leaves some of his own personal data within the system.
According to the law, he or her has to be informed for what the data is used and has the right to agree or disagree that agreement.
For that case we build an automatic Information Announcing system.
So you don't have keep it in your mind, which one of your Jira users already agreed or not.
Also, every new user gets at first to read the Information Announcing before using Jira.
With our system you fulfill the law completely and can prove this information anytime, if you must show it to an overall government instance.

Configure your announcements

An easy-to-use administration panel lets you configure title & the contents of in-system announcement pages. We have also included the option of multiple announcements and the possibility to choose between required and optional acknowledgments.

Keep track of acknowledgments

It keeps track of acknowledgments of how many of your registered users have acknowledged your privacy policy agreement or terms of use. You can even use it as information distribution system.

Empower your system or project admin

Enable your project admin or system admin to inform their users of upcoming events or other information that affects their project, all without any coding!

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