Data Rules
GDPR agreement has to be based on reformation your data management practices & data architecture and defining your technology stack or making use of the processors that can help you meet the terms with various touch points of the regulation. We can say like, this is a very powerful tool to automate the deletion process.

Set some new rules

Rule Name: enter a name for the new Rule for example "Delete issues"
Cron expression: Enter a time execution interval in a cron expression
JQL: restrict your Rules by using JQL to the scope you need
Action: select your demanded action by using the drop down menu
    you can Send Notification
    add Comment to the Ticket
    delete Ticket
    change the security Level
    Hard Cleaning (delete field values)
    Soft Cleaning (hide fields)
Use cases
Send Notification: You have a User or a Group that handle sensitive data, with this tool you can send an automatic notification and configure it how you like.
add Comment to the Ticket: In your company is a specific project that involves very sensitive data, by configuring this function you can send an automatic comment to every ticket that belongs to this project
delete Ticket: by using JQL you can delimit the scope of the Tickets you like to erase on a regular basis. So for example you make an automatic process to delete your support Tickets every 3 Months.
change security level: There is personal Data that has to be erased in the near future, but for tax law reasons, you need to have them archived. This date can be only viewed by your data protection commissioner. Configuring this option allows you to transfer your Data to your commissioner automatically.
Hard cleaning: erase the data durable
Soft cleaning: hides only the fields with the data
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