Actonic GDPR Tools for Jira

Last updated 5 months ago

Collection of tools which helps to comply with EU GDPR for Atlassian JIRA


Put your global and project administrators again in control by allowing them to configure authoritative automation rules with ease. Yes, Automation for Jira makes it amazingly uncomplicated to combine actions, conditions, and triggers to hold the most complex scenarios nowadays. It combined the functionality of dozens of individual apps with the ease of visual rule builder.

Our motivation for automation “Actonic GDPR Tools” for Jira is to make it as simple as possible for your project administrator and project administrator to set up automation for their team without the need to install extra plugins, learn application programming interferences (APIs) and scripts.

How can you benefit from Actonic GDPR?

· Prepare your business well for GDPR and turn it in to your competitive benefit.

· Make your customers more aware of personal data processing.

· Enhance the value you create for your customers with a well-functioning processing of personal data.