Actonic GDPR Tools for Jira

Collection of tools which helps to comply with EU GDPR for Atlassian JIRA


Since the 25th May 2018 the law for EU GDPR was enabled.

Now every personal data must be treated very carefully.

Every kind of personal data, from your employees, your customers or your suppliers has to be traceable, comprehensible and erasable.

Now everyone can make an enquiry to your company about which kind of his or her personal data is used in your company for what purpose. Then they make you erase it.

To make sure you fulfill every of the requirements within Jira, we developed a specific GDPR tool, that allows you to be prepared for every scenario you have to face, when needed.

It combined the functionality of dozens of individual apps with the ease of visual rule builder, because of our experience with Banks and Insurance Companies. In those cases we faced a lot of different scenarios, that are decisive for every other company.

Check out our functions with an example for a use case

Why is it important?

The regulation has a significant impact on organizations and how they manage data with some potentially very large penalties for violations – 4% of global revenues. GDPR also impacts on storage, processing, access, transfer, and disclosure of an individual’s data records.

Who is affected?

This regulation is obligatory for any organization (anywhere in the world) that processes the personal data of EU data subjects.

Define the data problem you can face

  • do you know what data you have, who has access to it, and for what purpose?

  • do you know where all your sensitive data is?

  • do you know how you will manage consents and data rights?

  • do you know how you will protect your data and ensure it is closely and carefully monitored?